Sinosource Nord GmbH

Raw Material Product List

  1. Antimony Trioxide, 99.99%Min, CAS No.1309-64-4, used as flame retardant
  2. Acid Casein Industry grade,Protein:92%Min,CAS No.9000-71-9, usded as adhesive
  3. Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin, used in coating,paint, ink, electronic solder flux
  4. Alpha Pinene, CAS No. 7785-26-4, used in synthesis of camphor, borneol, perfume, terpineol and terpene resins
  5. Beta Pinene, CAS No. 127-91-3, used in synthesis of perfume, terpene resins and vitamin E
  6. Bisphenol-A Bis (Diphenyl phosphate)BDP, CAS No.5945-33-5, an oligomeric phosphate ester flame retardant,usded for polyphenylene oxide alloys and PC/ABS
  7. C5 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin, CAS No.64742-16-1, used in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, sealants, wax modification
  8. C5 and C9 co-polymerized Hydrocarbon Resin, used in hot melt adhesives, PSA and shoe adhesives, also  used as processing and reinforcing agent in tyre and rubber compounds
  9. C5 Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin,CAS No.69430-35-9, used in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, auto mobile assembly, tires, packaging, bookbinding, hygiene products
  10. Calcium Formate,CAS No.544-17-2,used as cement additive,gas generation, leather tanning, animal feed                                 
  11. Dimer Acid, used in polyamide resin,to make graver or flexo printing ink, epoxy paint etc.
  12. Disproportionatd Rosin, X Grade, WW Grad, used in synthetic rubber, adhesives, pigments,dyestuff surface treatment,coating,ink
  13. Dedencyl Gallate/Lauryl Gallate, used in paint and ink and in food industry
  14. Gallic Acid, 98%Min,CAS No.149-91-7, used as preservative in food industry
  15. Gum Rosin, X Grade, WW Grade, WG Grade, used in paper, coating,ink, rubber, soap, electronic industrial
  16. Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin, used in chewing/bubble gum, beverages, adhesives, film former, elastomer
  17. Guaiacol, CAS No. 90-05-1, used for ink and paint
  18. Hydrogenated Rosin and High-Hydrogenated Rosin, used in adhesives,coatings,inks, solder material and solder flux
  19. Light Stabilizer UV-90 (Similar to BASF Uvinul 4050H)CAS NO.124172-53-8,used for Polyolefin, ABS, Nylon
  20. Methanol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin, used in adhesives, solder flux, surface active agent and coating
  21. Modified terpene phenolic resin, used in  hot melt rubber, adhesives, ink, painting
  22. Polyamide Resin, used in for gravure inks, flexo inks,packed in 25kg bag
  23. Propyl Gallate, 98%Min,CAS No.121-79-7, used as antioxidant for food, beverage,and pharmaceutical
  24. Sodium Soap of disproportionated Rosin,used as emulisfier for SBR, CR, NBR synthetic rubber,ABS plastic
  25. Terpene phenolic resin, used in graft polychloroprene rubber, packed in 25kg/bag
  26. Tannic Acid, 96%Min, CAS NO.1401-55-4, used as protein clarifying agent for beer and wine, water treatment, leather tanning
  27. Titanium Dioxide Anatase and Rutile,Chloride process, different types, used in water-based paint, latex paint, powder coating, plastic clad steel, plastic, ink, master batch,rubber and paper making
  28. UV Absorber different types
  29. (Water-phase)High Performance High Chlorinated Polyethylene Resin, Chloride: 65%Min, CAS No.64754-90-1, used in anti corrosive, flame retardant paint, adhesives,ink
  30. (Water-phase)Chlorinated Rubber Resin, CAS No.9006-03-5, used in adhesives, coating, ink and painting industry
  31. Zirconium Dioxide, 99.5%Min, CAS No.1314-23-4,used in ceramic products
  32. Aluminium Coil,Alloy: 1060,1070,1100,1145,1200,3003,3004,3005,3102,3105,5005,5052 etc
  33. Aluminium Foil, Alloy: 1050,1100,1145,1200, 1235, 3003,3102,8011, 8079
  34. Aluminium Embossed Foil,used for kitchenwares, food and pharmaceutical packaging,etc.
  35. Aluminium Embossed Coil and sheet, Alloy: 1050,1060,1100,3003,3004,5052